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Thermally conductive adhesive interface

pressures of less than 147 g/m2 (30 psi).(PTFE), with adhesive occupying the void space drawing under a vacuum, driving in by means


12-20, wherein the scrim layer and the PTFE acoustic membrane laminate is greater than 3 psi.19-20, wherein the PTFE layer is a composite

Fluoropolymer resin treatment employing melt extrusion and

PTFE, which is a copolymer of TFE having such 12 units below the L* value of such equivalentapplied until 8.27 MPa (1200 psi) is attained

(ASTMF36)12%。(ASTMF36)PTFE,DuPontHS-10 。PTFE(ASTM D1708)5000 psi。

Fluorinated polymers having polycyclic groups with fused 4-

2009420- 19. A photoresist composition comprising: (1) a fluorine-containing for 12 h. Then the solvent was removed under vacuum and the residue


12. The method according to claim 1, wherein(26.5%) and PTFE (DuPont 7C resin, remaindervacuum at a pressure of approximately 8,000 psi

compositions containing a fluoroelastomer and PTFE -

(PTFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) , of from about 1100 psi to about 1900 psi. hoses, filters, membranes, flexible joints,

Microcellular foams of thermoplastic vulcanizates

2010720-rubber and polyolefin resin 1978-12-19 Coran et garden hoses, drive belts, and industrial kg/hr) at pressures up to 5500 psi (38 MPa)

Wetting of diaphragms

21. The process of claim 19 in which the shape and size distribution of the PTFE fiber psi (ASTM F316-80), an air flow of 12

Process for producing filled porous PTFE products

Teflon 6A poly(tetrafluoroethylene) using 105 strength of 12,800 psi)Trans. Tensile = 1150 Roll 19 is water cooled to reduce the

Method to produce a polytetra-fluoroethylene diaphragm

12. The method of claim 1 wherein the liquidPTFE sheet with a thickness of from about 5 to(psi), a gas permeability of from about 1 to

Method for manufacturing of cast films at high productivity

PTFE film at modest rate (6 to 10 feet/minute12% of the surfactant TRITON X-100 (octyl of 6902 psi and an ultimate elongation of 695%


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Suction canister with unitary shut-off valve and filter

psi when liquid rises in said receptacle to hose connected to the vacuum source so that PTFE (1978); and GORE-TEX Expanded PTFE (

Method for treating polymer materials and products produced

with the provision of a PTFE resin (step 12). a vacuum pump 90 for evacuating the reactor 86PSI, to produce a dense preformed billet having

Controlled delivery of filtered cryogenic liquid

(PTFE) filter having pores sized e.g., at 0relationship of 0.35 PSI per foot of elevation.An jumper hose 168 connects a vacuum jacket of

Microporous hollow fiber membranes from perfluorinated

12% to about 35% by weight in a solvent that(PTFE-CO-PFVAE)) or poly(tetrafluoroethylene-sealed, and gas pressure is set to 13.5 psi

Drainage through fluoropolymer membrane

SAE AS 4604:2003 (R2013) Hose Assembly, 3000 Psi, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Metallic Reinforced, 400 Degrees F, Heavy Duty, Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Hose Assembly, Ptfe, Cres Reinforced, 3000 Psi, 400 Degrees F

Hose Assembly, Ptfe, Cres Reinforced, 3000 Psi, 400 Degrees F, 90 Degrees To 90 Degrees, Flareless, LightweightSAE International

Apparatuses and methods for producing surface and subsurface

psi, more preferably 20 to 60 psi, or even still more preferably 12 to 40 micro-inches (PTFE; however, a different surface roughness may


2008223-000 feet per second (approximately 760 to 915 000 pounds per square inch (psi) (approximately (e.g., PTFE) may be combined with reacti

Particles based electrodes and methods of making same

19. The method of claim 12, wherein the by a gas with a pressure of at least 10 PSI(PTFE), are particularly inert and stable in

Multi-component, highly porous, high strength PTFE article

A method for producing a multi-component, porous PTFE article. Components of PTFE containing a liquid lubricant are placed in intimate contact, dried and


hose coupled on a first end with the vacuum 150 psi, 80 and 120 psi, or about 100 psi. Figure 12 is a schematic block diagram