1500 psi alkali resisting rubber hose

Novel Alkali Metal Ionic Liquids: N-Ethylimidazolium Alkali

200329-Novel Alkali Metal Ionic Liquids: N-Ethylimidazolium Alkali Metal Sulfates (p )For Abstract see ChemInform Abstract in Full Text

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Method for making analgesics

an alkali carboxy- isoascorbate, dihydroguaretic acid, potassium sorbate, mixture and the mixture is hydrogenated at 35±5 psi (2.41 The mixture

Effect of complex saline-alkali stress on the mineral ions

In order to reveal the physiological adaptation of a new variety of oat Dingyou 6 to saline-alkali stress,oat seedlings were exposed to 0,25,75

Beta-alumina composites and methods for producing them

C by using pressures ranging from about 5000 psi to about 110,000 psi. about 3 and about 12 and M is an alkali metal selected from Na and K

Clear haze-free impact-resistant resinous polymers

utilizing a single initial addition of hydrocarbyl alkali metal initiator, dioxide (50 psi) and water (0.48 parts per 100 parts of total monomer)

lonarensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel haloalkalitolerant

nov., sp. nov., a novel haloalkalitolerant bacterium of the family Cyclobacteriaceae, isolated from a haloalkaline lake and emended descriptions of the

Aromatic carboxylic acid-modified cyclopentadiene-based

200517- 20040230003 Transparent rubber-modified monopsi and then proceeded to decrease as the in a 33.33% solids mixture with ARLO (alkali-

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Flexible hose for chemical industry. Flexible solutions are suitable to convey fluids in chemical industry


1500 microns, such as no greater than about such as an alkali material, an alkaline earth psi, at least approximately 11 psi, or at


20091219-under a partial pressure of 2,500-5,500 psi. and a superficial gas Control of the pH may be accomplished by adding alkali to the fresh

Automotive inflatable safety system propellant with

(2.54 cm/sec) at 1000 psi (6.9 MPa) and capable of producing at least such as those selected from the group consisting of alkali or alkaline


20091119-eines Alkoholats wie Kalium-tert.butylat, eines Alkalihydroxids wie NatriumPSIORZ MANFRED DIPL CHEM DRHEIDER JOACHIM DIPL CHEM DRBOMHARD

Applied to Energy Conservation in the Chlor-alkali Industry

fuel cell (AFC), and (4) air depolarized chlor-alkali cell (ADCAC). a PSI Technology Company , 20 New England Business Center, Andover, MA,

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Physical vapor deposition targets

alkali metals while maintaining uniaxial compaction temperature preferably ranging from about 500-1500psi until the temperature reaches a minimum of

Coating wood surface by vinyl-modified lignocellulosic

and the composite is pressed at a pressure of from 200-300 psi and at including hydrogen peroxide, and the persulfates, of the alkali metals and

Electrochemical cell having reduced cell pressure

20121020- and an alkaline electrolyte comprising an aqueous solution of an alkali Cell with thiourea (test) 54 psi 70.0% H2/30.0% O2 While the

Nanoparticles for the destructive sorption of biological and

alkali metals stabilized on the surfaces of the adsorbent or ozone and and sterilized by pressurizing to about 1500 psi) were placed in another


2011520-rubber composition obtained by compounding a rubber (R1O)3-p(R2)pSi-R3-Sa-R3-Si(OR1)3-r( an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal,

5667532 Liquid alkali for reactive dyeing of textiles

5667532 Liquid alkali for reactive dyeing of textilesdoi:10.1016/S0959-6526(98)90377-8《Journal of Cleaner Production》

Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia

alkali metal chlorides, alkali metal bromides, or alkali metal iodides and 4 psi, more preferably up to 8 psi, and most preferably up to 16 psi

Composition useful in anionic polymerization

rubbers from vinyl monomers using a new catalyst alkali metal oxide, hydroxide, superoxide or Yield PSI 128 126 -- -- 22 -- Tensile PSI


Certain embodiments are directed to alkali promoted transition metal sulfide 1500, 2000 psi for more than 0.5 1, 1.5, 2.0, 3 or more hours

High-pressure phases of the alkali metals - -

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Water-based drilling fluids using latex additives

alkali metal alkylene acetates, sultaines, ether(PPT) device is based on a 1500 psi Hassler rubber or the application of painting/coating,